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Visualizations Relaxations Meditations

Random Access Relaxation

Create an empty screen on your computer monitor (purple or blue if possible).

Place your chair at least two feet but no more than three feet from the screen.

Sit with your spine erect, your feet flat on the floor, and your hands (palms up) in your lap.

Focus on the center of the screen for a moment, outlining the perimeter in your mind's eye.

Notice the texture of the screen and how it protects what is behind it.

Close your eyes, take three deep breaths inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth.

Allowing the rest of the body to remain relaxed, pull your shoulders up toward your ears and hold that tension for 10 seconds. Release the shoulders, dropping them gently to a resting position. Allow them to remain low and relaxed.

Visualize a protective screen similar to the one on your computer monitor surrounding your body, allowing you to function without outside influence.

As thoughts enter your mind, let them float past and sit quietly for a few moments (3-10 minutes).

Return your awareness to the palms of your hands and move your fingers. Take one more deep breath and return to work refreshed.

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