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Visualizations Relaxations Meditations

Natural Movement

Sit in a quiet place with your eyes closed and your spine straight and comfortable. Tell your body and your mind to relax. Take three deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

Send your awareness to your right foot and leg; tense the muscles and raise the foot several inches off the floor; hold your foot there for a count of three and allow the foot to gently drop back to the floor. Let it remain there, relaxed. Send your attention to your left foot and leg and repeat the process.

Next, tense the muscles of your abdomen, buttocks, back, and chest; hold for the count of three, release and relax. Pull your shoulders up toward your ears, hold the tension for three, release and relax. Tense, raise, and then release the right hand and arm, then repeat on the left side. Tense the muscles of your neck, face, and scalp, hold the tension for three, then release and completely relax.

Let your entire body remain relaxed, breathe normally, and gently and slowly bend from the waist. Lean several inches to the right, leading with the right ear. Slowly return to the center, now bend several inches to the left and return to the center. As you picture this exercise in your mind, visualize the upper part of your body moving like a metronome - swaying rhythmically back and forth. Enjoy swaying back and forth for a few moments.

With your body still and quiet, visualize yourself walking down a path. As you walk slowly down the path, you notice a beautiful house on top of a hill in front of you. This house has a large porch that wraps all the way around, and the porch is filled with vibrantly colored hanging flowers and ferns. Walk up the hill, onto the porch, and look all around. You can see majestic mountains, lush valleys, peaceful lakes, and winding rivers. On the corner of the porch you find a large swing overflowing with pillows. Sit down and nestle yourself comfortably into the pillows as the swing begins to gently move. You can feel the effortless movement, and you remain there watching the white, billowy clouds float past in the blue sky above. After a few moments, you close your eyes and rest your mind and your body while your spirit enjoys the motion of the swing. Swing for as long as you like.

When it is time to return, visualize yourself getting out of the swing and walking from the porch back down the hill. As you retrace your steps, begin to breathe deeper and gently move your fingers and toes. As your awareness returns to your physical body, focus on your breath. Slowly open your eyes, take another deep breath, and enjoy the relaxed, centered energy you have created.

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