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Visualizations Relaxations Meditations

The Purple Lotus Flower

Find a peaceful, quiet spot to sit or lie for a few moments. Settle into a comfortable position with your spine straight and your eyes gently closed. Take four deep breaths inhaling through your nose and exhaling completely through your mouth with your lips slightly apart. After these breaths, let your breath return to its normal rhythm and focus your attention on your third eye - that space directly between your eyes at the top of your nose. Put your right middle finger on that third eye area and gently massage it for a few seconds.

Now, let your body be still and relaxed - simply tell your physical body to relax as you go within and begin to sense your own internal energy flow. Once you feel calm and relaxed, allow yourself to imagine, to visualize, an inviting path into the forest. There are beautiful trees surrounding you, it's warm and slightly breezy, but very comfortable and safe. You start to walk down this path, and as you walk farther into the woods, you come upon a peaceful little pond. You find a patch of soft moss, and you sit beside the pond becoming even more relaxed. As you explore your vision, the peaceful blue/green water of the pond draws you closer, and you notice a beautiful lotus flower floating there. You become so aware of its deep, strong roots below the surface that you easily sense its well-grounded energy. You begin to feel even more relaxed as you enjoy the beauty of this bloom and its unusual color. The petals are a very dark purple at the base and become a very light, nearly iridescent purple at the tips. In your mind's eye you carefully examine the base of each leaf, letting the beautiful deep purple absorb into your deepest self. Then, as time passes, you focus on the light purple at the tip which invites you to feel light and airy, calm and balanced.

You sit with this beautiful lotus flower for a few minutes, then gently rise and walk back down the path you chose. As you leave the forest, you notice that a strong sense of peace and wholeness has permeated your energy. With this renewed energy, you take a few deep breaths, stretch your physical body, and return to your environment bringing that renewal of spirit along with you.

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