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The Illusive Dragonfly

Find a peaceful place to sit or lie quietly. Settle in and allow your physical body to begin to relax. For a few moments, bring your attention to your breath, feel it gently moving in and out of your chest. Let this natural rhythm continue as you send your attention to your feet. Beginning with your right foot, send your mindís eye to each part of that foot; relax the foot, and then send your attention to your left foot and do the same. After all the muscles of your feet are relaxed, bring that relaxation up your legs, through your hips and pelvic area, stopping at your waist. While letting everything from the waist down continue to relax, send relaxation up through your body. Bring the relaxation up your spine, slowly and gently relaxing the entire spine as though it was a strand of pearls settling into a comfortable position. Bring your attention and relaxation across your abdomen, your chest, and up to your neck. Send relaxation down your right arm releasing any tension through your fingertips. Send relaxation down your left arm releasing any tension through those fingertips. Relax your neck, your scalp, and all the little muscles of your face. Now tell your physical body to embrace and deepen this sensation of relaxation and calmness.

Begin to create a picture in your mindís eye. As you focus, the picture becomes clearer and clearer. Youíre sitting beside a beautiful pond. Itís a perfect day with a bright blue sky, several little white clouds floating past, and a gentle, warm breeze blowing. As you settle in for a rest by the pond, a beautiful purple-hued dragonfly floats near your face. In amazement, you observe the essence of this little being, and you examine it closely. As you watch, its movements seem effortless and its colors shift with each magical turn. It stays close to you as it dives and soars. Spellbound, all you can do is watch this little dragonfly as it watches you. It offers you energy Ė wise, light energy that you easily absorb. You remember your own magic deep inside and feel alive and light in every part of your being. Sit as long as you like and enjoy the dragonfly by the pond. When you feel the time is right, slowly make each breath a little deeper and begin to wiggle your fingers and toes. As you feel more aware, gently open your eyes, bringing the lightness of the dragonfly into the moment and into your daily life.

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