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The Flower Garden

Sit quietly, close your eyes, take several deep breaths, and instruct your body to relax. Repeat the word "relax" to yourself five times. Now visit each area of your body beginning at your feet and gently move up to the top of your head. If you find any tense areas, simply tell them to relax. As your body continues to relax, allow your mind's eye to create a fascinating vista. Imagine yourself standing at the edge of a beautiful, well-tended, flower garden. There is a comfortable garden chair that effortlessly takes you on a journey through the flowers. Make yourself comfortable in the chair, relax, and enjoy the ride. The chair begins to glide down the pathway stopping at the first plantings - rose bushes covered with small red rose buds. As you examine the beautiful rose buds, you feel the strength and patience they evoke. Feeling well grounded, you move to the next flowers - fragile but powerful, orange orchids. You marvel at their delicate, joyful nature, and you feel you must smile. Taking this joy with you, you move gently to the next planted area. This unusual area is filled with dark green four-leaf clovers. There are green clover leaves of all sizes, and you see and sense their balance. Everything is equal and calming. Feeling even more relaxed, you move on to the next area where you find dozens of tall, healthy blue hyacinths. As you explore each long stem of blue blossoms, you feel open and aware. Remaining connected to your center, you move on to a beautiful area of small, iridescent purple violets. You spend extra time here as you feel your sense of personal awareness heightening and your Higher Self opening to your deepest wisdom. After spending as much time as you like with the purple violets, you move into a glowing area filled with pink carnations. The air feels light and pink, the color surrounds you and fills you with compassion for yourself and all life. Sit and enjoy this healing pink light. When it is time to re-energize your body and your mind, the chair glides back toward the beginning of the garden making one last stop amongst a field of white mums. Lovely, bright, white mums surround you, energize you, and stimulate you. As you return to the beginning of the path, you take several deep breaths, focus your attention on your physical body, and slowly open your eyes bringing a renewed sense of self awareness with you.

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