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Visualizations Relaxations Meditations

Pink Flowers in a Crystal Vase

Find a quiet, peaceful place and settle in for a few minutes of relaxation and inner peace. Slip into a comfortable position with your spine as straight as possible, and gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath, inhaling through your nose and exhaling completely through your mouth. Open your lips slightly when you exhale so that you can hear the gentle sound of your own breath. Take a second deep breath and a third. Allow your breath to return to its normal rhythm, and focus your attention on your physical body. Begin at your toes and bring relaxing energy to the top of your head. Return to any areas that feel tense and remind them to relax. Let your body continue its relaxation process as you begin to create a picture in your mind's eye.

Concentrate on the color green and create a solid green wall a few feet in front of you. Make this wall your favorite shade of green. Once you can visualize this green wall, create a delicate crystal flower vase sitting on a pedestal in front of the wall. In that vase are the most beautiful pink flowers you have ever seen. Focus all your attention on one of the pink flowers. Delight in its delicate pink petals; enjoy its healthy green stem and leaves. If you like, reach out and touch the soft petals, sensing the warm, pink glow surrounding this flower. Sit with this flower as long as you like.

When you begin to feel more alert, slowly stretch your body and make your breath a little deeper. Feel the fresh air filling your lungs and your own warm exhalation. Bring this gentle energy from your meditation into your conscious mind, then slowly open your eyes. Allow this peaceful time to bring calming, compassionate energy into your day.

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