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Visualizations Relaxations Meditations

Billowy White Clouds

Sit or lie quietly with your eyes gently closed. Take three deep breaths inhaling slowly then exhaling completely. Allow your breath to find its natural rhythm, and instruct your body to relax. Beginning at your toes, slowly bring relaxing energy up your body all the way to the top of your head. If you feel any remaining tension, revisit that area of the body and once again ask it to relax. As your physical body continues to relax, create a picture in your mind's eye. You are lying on a comfortable, thick blanket in the middle of a beautiful meadow. As you lie there, you can feel the breeze floating past and see the bright blue sky above. You are comfortable here and decide to lie quietly and watch the billowy white clouds drift across the sky above you. As these clouds drift by, they create wondrous shapes right before your eyes. Relax and watch them for a few moments. As you continue to enjoy this peaceful place, you become aware of one word reverberating through your mind - peace. As you say this word over and over to yourself, the full meaning becomes clearer than it has ever been. Peace - a calm mind. Peace - a tranquil environment. Peace - an untroubled heart. Peace - an aware spirit. As you watch the clouds and their gentle movement, remind yourself that life can be filled with peace and serenity. Slowly and gently bring your focus back to your physical body. Feel your breath as it moves in and out; feel the beating of your heart. Make your breath a little deeper and slowly move your fingers and toes. With your eyes still gently closed, place your palms together in front of you and slowly rub them together. Feel the warm energy that you have created. Place your palms over your eyes, and, when you feel it is time, open your eyes into your palms. As you return to your physical environment, bring your new peace of spirit with you.

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