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Grounding to the Earth

To practice this wonderful grounding exercise, sit in a chair (or outside by a tree if possible) or lie flat with your arms beside your body. Keep your spine comfortable and as straight as possible. Close your eyes. Take seven deep breaths inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Allow tension and stress to leave your body with each exhalation. As your body continues to relax, begin to create a picture in your mind's eye - visualize sturdy cords coming from your toes and going deep into the floor or the earth beneath you. Move up to the knees, then the hips, and the base of the spine sending grounding cords down from each area. Ground the base of your spine several times and then move up the body grounding the hands, arms, and shoulders. Finally, send grounding cords down from the base of the skull and the chin. By this time you may notice a slow, heavy, comfortable energy flow. With these cords in place, return to each part of the body and extend a fine, silver filament upward into the sky. As you do this part of the exercise, you are expanding and relaxing your energy even more. Once the filaments are in place, spend a few minutes, relaxing into the expanding energy field. When you are ready, visualize the grounding cords slowly returning and disappearing; then, allow the silver filaments to disappear as well. As you become more aware of your physical body, rub your palms together and place them over your eyes before you open them. Retain this awareness and grounded feeling and your life will be filled with more peace of mind than ever.

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