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Visualizations Relaxations Meditations


Sit or lie quietly and take three deep breaths inhaling through your nose and exhaling completely through your mouth. Begin at your toes and slowly bring warm, relaxing energy up through the body to the top of the head. If you feel any areas of stress, return to the toes and once again bring relaxation up through the body. Instruct your body to continue to relax as you create a picture in your mind's eye. See yourself walking slowly through a forest. You're walking on a well-worn path meandering between beautiful, tall trees. It is a cool, cloudy day, and you are dressed warmly for your walk. You feel safe and comfortable here in these woods and settle into your environment easily. As you continue to walk slowly through the woods, you come upon a clearing that looks inviting and you decide to stop and sit down and enjoy the peace of this place. You sit on a warm, comfortable patch of grass beside a small blue stream and look up into the clouds. As you look up, huge snowflakes begin to fall. They fall quietly and gently. You hold out your hand and one lands there. For a moment, you examine the intricate patterns from the edges of the snowflake to the center. As it melts, another snowflake lands on your hand, one of a completely different pattern. You once again examine this beautiful snowflake and marvel at its complexity and its beauty. Sit here with the snow flakes as long as you like, and when you feel it's time to return, gently rise and retrace your steps along the path. As you walk down the path, begin to breathe more deeply. Feel your lungs expand and become more aware of your physical body. Move your fingers and toes then slowly rub your palms together and place them over your eyes. Open your eyes into the warmth of your hands, and return from your visualization with a heightened state of awareness. Enjoy the visions of snowflakes you have created as you return to your normal activities.

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