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Color & The Body

This visualization will help you associate certain colors with certain areas of your physical body. Becoming more aware of the effect of color in your environment as well as in relationship to your physical body will provide you with another useful tool for growth. Every color, whether it is a color found in nature or in your clothing, has its own energy flow and that flow is shared with you. Let's begin. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. As the physical body continues to relax, send your attention to the base of your spine (you may wish to gently touch the various areas as you visit them). As you focus on the base of the spine, imagine this area red in color - visualize a red rose or a red apple if you would like to bring the color into your mind more vividly. Continue to focus on this area and with an imaginary paintbrush, paint the entire area red. This large area should include the pelvic area, the spine up to the base of the neck, and the legs and feet. Take as long as you like to create this mental picture. Now, leaving the area red, move up the torso and stop several inches below the navel. Paint this area orange (front and back), and allow the orange to wrap around the red of the spine. If necessary, imagine a large, juicy orange in front of you. As you work with the orange, think about the color flowing through your kidneys. After you have completed orange, move several inches above the navel and paint this area bright yellow. Feel the color as it permeates your body and passes through the digestive system. Next, focus on the center of your chest - the heart center, and paint this area a beautiful, healthy green (use a natural shade of green like grass or leaves). Now see the base of the throat where the neck meets the chest and paint it a calm shade of blue. Allow the blue to move all around the neck, down into the lungs, and up to the ears. Allow the blue to stream down your arms to the tips of your fingers. The next area is located between the eyebrows and includes the eyes and the nose - paint this area purple. This is a good area to touch - you may wish to put gentle pressure on this area to stimulate it. Finally, go to the very top of the head and visualize a pink light emanating from that area and encompassing the entire body. After spending a few moments relaxing with these energy colors, deepen your breaths and slowly open your eyes.

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