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Purple and Yellow Balloons

Set aside some uninterrupted time (5 to 25 minutes) in a quiet place. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. You will get stronger results if your spine is straight and your limbs uncrossed. As you settle into position, take a few deep breaths inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Allow your breath to find its normal rhythm and begin to consciously relax your physical body. If your body does not relax easily, you may wish to begin at your toes and relax each area of the body to the top of your head. As the physical body continues to relax, begin to create a picture in your mind's eye. Visualize yourself walking down a peaceful path. Create an environment that you enjoy - your path may wander through a forest, a meadow, or beside a sand dune. Your body will continue to relax as the picture becomes clearer. Beside your path you will see an inviting little cottage. You know this will be a safe, comfortable place, so you enter. The floor is covered with plush, light purple carpet, and the open windows allow filmy white curtains to move gently with the breeze. The ceiling of this one-room cottage is covered with purple and yellow balloons, and in the middle of the floor, there are several large, fluffy white pillows. Relax into the pillows and look up into the sea of balloons. First, focus your attention on a purple balloon, then a yellow one; repeat this process with another pair and another until you have examined them all. These balloons are of various shapes and sizes and as you examine each one, you enjoy its uniqueness. Stay in this comfortable cottage as long as you like, then slowly return to the path and retrace your steps. When you reach the beginning of the path, focus your attention on your breath and take several deep breaths to reconnect your energy to your physical body. As you become more alert, bring the relaxation and clarity you found at the little cottage with you.

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