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Visualizations Relaxations Meditations

Field of Yellow Flowers

Sit or lie quietly with your eyes closed. Feel the rhythm of your breath. Keep your spine straight but comfortable.

Think about your toes, see them in your mind's eye, and tell the muscles there to relax.

Slowly work your way up your body relaxing each part as you go; the toes, then the feet, the legs, the hips, the torso, the arms and hands, the neck, the face, all the way to the top of your head.

Continue to relax, leaving the body calm and the mind alert.

Visualize a sphere suspended in the air about two feet in front of your chest. The sphere is the size of a ping pong ball and filled with white light. Look at this small white ball for a few moments.

Increase the size of the ball and make it the size of a basketball, glowing with white, healthy, vibrant light. Once again, look at it for a few moments.

Now increase the size of the ball until it's a little larger than your physical body and allow it to surround you, filling you with healthy, loving, white light.

From the comfortable space within this ball of light, visualize a woodland path, a path with trees on both sides. See yourself moving gently down this path on a warm spring day.

You feel very relaxed, warm, and open to your own feelings as you move among the magnificent, tall trees lining the path. As you pass the trees, you sense their well-grounded energy and share in it.

You come upon an opening in the trees and there you see a field of beautiful, bright yellow flowers. Sit on the edge of the grass and enjoy the flowers. As you inhale, you feel the yellow hue of the flowers going all the way into your stomach with each breath, gentle and soothing. Spend a few minutes quietly sitting beside the field of yellow flowers.

When it's time to return, retrace your steps on the path through the trees. Once again you experience the strong, grounded energy of the trees.

Now return your awareness to your physical body and feel the breath coming in through your nose, cool and refreshing. Slowly deepen your breath and become more aware of your body. Move your fingers and your toes, and when you feel ready, slowly open your eyes.

Visit this Field of Yellow Flowers whenever you feel the need to calm your thoughts and enjoy a well-grounded, rejuvenating energy boost.

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