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Glowing Pink Candle

Sit or lie quietly in a comfortable place. Close your eyes and take three quick breaths inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Now take three slow breaths inhaling deeply through your nose, allowing the breath to go all the way down into your abdomen, and exhaling completely through your mouth. Tell your body to relax and send your attention to any part of your body that feels tense. As your body relaxes, you will feel it becoming heavier and heavier. With the body calm and your breath in its normal rhythm, begin to create a picture in your mind. Visualize yourself in a safe, nurturing place. Choose whatever surroundings, indoor or outdoor, you like. Once comfortable there, visualize a small table in front of you. On that table is a glowing pink candle and a small bud vase with a pink rose bud in it. Spend a few moments creating this picture and enjoying your surroundings. Now, gaze at the candle flame; feel its warmth. Let the pink glow surround you like a warm pink bubble. You feel relaxed and calm. Now look at the pink rose bud. As you watch, it slowly begins to open. Notice each petal as it opens; feel its softness in your mental eye. You feel even more content and peaceful. Spend as long as you like gazing at the rose bud and the pink candle. When you feel it is time to return to your physical environment, begin to breath deeply again and become aware of your physical body. Place your palms together. With your palms facing each other, pull them several inches apart then push them back together. You can feel your own warm energy with this movement. Now place the palms of your hands over your eyes and open your eyes into the warmth you feel there. Take another deep breath and allow this peaceful feeling to remain with you.

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