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Visualizations Relaxations Meditations

Iridescent Blue Butterfly

Find a peaceful, quiet environment, and sit or lie comfortably. Have your spine relaxed and as straight as possible, your arms, your legs, and your feet uncrossed. Take several deep breaths and gently close your eyes.

Allow your breath to find its natural rhythm, and, beginning at your toes, slowly move up your body telling each part to relax. When you reach the top of your head, instruct your body to release all tension and stress and to maintain its relaxed state. In a few moments, the body will respond with a deeper level of relaxation.

Bring your awareness into your mind's eye. Create a peaceful, natural, outdoor scene. You may be in a meadow, deep in a forest, high on a mountain, or at the seashore. Spend a few moments enjoying the freedom of your imagination. Allow the colors to become more vivid and the picture to become clearer. Sit and relax for awhile.

You find a comfortable place to sit beside a healthy green bush covered with large, beautiful orange flowers and surrounded by many big blue butterflies. You settle down in this safe place, and feel the peaceful energy that emanates from it. As you become more comfortable, you are drawn to one special butterfly and you watch it intently. As you watch, it lands on one of the orange flowers close to you. The contrast between the bright orange petal and the iridescent blue of the butterfly's wings is amazing. The wings seem to shine with an iridescent glow. You realize that the deep, beautiful blue of the wings permeates your energy and brings with it a sense of complete calmness and peace of mind. Now examine the intricate lines on the fragile blue wings, and as you do so, you feel even more content and relaxed.

After spending as long as you like with the joyful butterfly, you watch it happily flutter away. As the butterfly disappears into the horizon, you slowly become more aware of your physical body. Sending your attention to the top of your head, you bring energizing light down through your body all the way to your toes. Instruct your body to become more alert and aware.

Gradually deepen your breath and slowly open your eyes while allowing the calm energy you have just experienced to remain with you on a conscious level.

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