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Visualizations Relaxations Meditations

Rainbow Meditation

Take several deep breaths and gently close your eyes. Sit or lie comfortably with your spine straight, your arms, hands, and feet uncrossed. Allow your breath to return to its normal rhythm and instruct your body to completely relax. Beginning at the toes, slowly move up the body telling each part to relax. When you have reached the top of the head, remind the body to release all tension and maintain its relaxed state. Now begin to create a healthy, comfortable picture in your mind's eye by visualizing yourself standing at the edge of a path leading into a meadow. It's a small, safe path, and you feel comfortable as you begin to walk down the path. Continue to focus on this picture and allow it to become clearer and clearer. As you continue to walk down the path, notice the beautiful, soft green grass that spans from the edge of the path to the horizon. You feel the warm sun on your body and the gentle breeze floating past. You look up into the clear blue sky and see a beautiful, wide rainbow directly in front of you. It's so close you feel you can almost touch it. You walk quickly toward it and realize you are walking into its vivid colors. You can actually walk through the rainbow and as you step into it, you can feel the red stripe of the rainbow touching your energy and flowing around your body. The red feels strong, warm and passionate. Next you walk into the orange stripe. You feel joyful and you smile. Now into the yellow. As the bright yellow hue surrounds you, you realize how clear you are at this moment and how easy it is to understand yourself. As you enter the green, you look at your feet and see the green combining with the green grass. This helps you feel very well grounded and balanced. As you walk into the bright blue stripe, you immediately feel a great calmness come over you. It permeates to the very core of your energy and you are totally relaxed and content at this moment. As you move on to the purple, you feel a stirring deep inside reminding you that your spirit is alive and well and ready to give you helpful intuitive insights whenever you ask. Finally you walk into the wide pink stripe. You feel peaceful and filled with compassion for all living things. As you leave the rainbow and return to the path, you bring the colors with you in your energy, and you will remember the wonderful feeling of each as you continue down the path. As you begin to circle back across the meadow, you walk along side the rainbow and marvel at the vivid colors you just experienced. Return to the start of the path and gently return to the moment, deepening your breaths and becoming more aware of your physical body. As you slowly open your eyes bring with you the peaceful journey through the rainbow.

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