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Visualizations Relaxations Meditations

Pink Crystal Cave

With your eyes closed, tell your body to relax and take several deep breaths. Continue to relax and let your breathing return to its natural flow. Bring your attention to your eyes. With your lids closed lightly, tell all the muscles surrounding your eyes to relax. With your attention still on the area around your eyes, visualize yourself slowly walking down a path into the countryside. You are walking through gently rolling hills with the warm sun caressing your head and shoulders. Walk slowly and gently, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and the gentle breeze on your face. On the next hill, you notice a sparkling opening. As you draw near, you see a beautiful, shallow cave in the side of the hill. You walk to the edge of the opening and see that the walls and ceiling of the cave are covered with crystals that emit a beautiful pink glow. The floor is covered with thick green grass. You enter the shallow cave, sit gently on the soft floor, and look up at the crystal ceiling. You can feel the healing touch of the pink light as it surrounds you and mingles with your energy. Spend as long as you like enjoying the relaxed, rejuvenating energy in the cave. When you are ready, gently rise and return to the path. As you walk back down the path, allow your physical body to become more alert. Place the palms of your hands over your eyes and slowly open your eyes into the warmth of your own revitalized energy.

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