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Suggested Reading Physical Well-Being

Healthy Aging, A Lifelong Guide To Your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being by Dr. Andrew Weil

Healthy Aging Buy It Now - Amazon.comDr. Andrew Weil has a new book entitled Healthy Aging, A Lifelong Guide To Your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being which is certainly worth reading (as are all his books). He delves into many aspects of aging with some chapters of the book being: Antiaging Medicine; The Anti-inflammatory Diet; Touch and Sex; Stress; Memory; and the spiritual aspect of our Unchanging Essence. Offering much information on integrative medicine in general, this book is a must read for people of all ages. In fact, younger readers will benefit greatly and be able to set the stage for a healthier, more active life.

The New York Times Book Review says, "Dr. Weil makes his case carefully and clearly, he does not proselytize and doesn't seem wedded to a particular dogma, Western or Eastern, only to the get-the-patient-better philosophy. He elicits our trust." Place your trust in Dr. Weil and open your mind and your spirit to his words. Begin today to create a life of awareness - a life filled with healthier choices and higher goals for your physical body as well as your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The Merck Manual of Health & Aging by Mark H. Beers (editor)

The Merck Manual of Health & Aging Buy It Now - Amazon.comIf you are old enough to begin to be concerned about age-related health problems, or you are caring for an aging parent or grandparent, there is a manual that can be of great assistance. It is The Merck Manual of Health & Aging, The comprehensive guide to the changes and challenges of aging - for older adults and those who care for and about them. This manual is comprehensive and extremely easy to use. It is written in everyday language and offers information not only on specific diseases, but on prevention as well. The primary focus of the book is on the health care system for older adults as well as the disorders they are likely to face.

This manual is organized into four sections and 66 chapters. The four sections are: Fundamentals of Aging; Caring for Self and Others; Medical Conditions; and Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues. The fourth section addresses practical concerns including coping with change, driving, legal and ethical issues, and the many ways of paying for health care. There are also many illustrations, sidebars, and tables to help explain material in the text or give additional information. There are numerous lists of organizations and information that everyone can easily use.

100 Simple Secrets of Healthy People : What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It by David Niven

The Hermit and the Well Buy It Now - Amazon.comI found a fun, helpful little book by David Niven, Ph.D. entitled The 100 Simple Secrets of Healthy People; What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It. The author is a psychologist and social scientist who teaches at Florida Atlantic University. His other books include The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People, and The 100 Simple Secrets of Great Relationships.

This book helps dispel myths and misinformation and focuses on research and proven methods for good health. To get an idea of what this book offers, here are the names of a few of the chapters (all only a page or two in length): Avoid Imagining the Worse; Stop the War on Bacteria; Always Being Right Is Wrong for Your Health; Eat Your Spinach; Eat Less, but Eat Often; Let Your Stress Out; Hostility Hurts You; Keep Variety in Mind When Exercising; and Having a Pet Is Healthy. As you can tell by the list, this little book touches on dozens of ideas (100 chapters to be exact) for increased health and well-being. Try reading this book and then write your own list of measures you can take to feel stronger and healthier.

YOGA conditioning for WEIGHT LOSS, Safe, natural methods to help achieve and maintain your ideal weight by Suzanne Deason

YOGA conditioning for WEIGHT LOSS, Safe, natural methods to help achieve and maintain your ideal weight Buy It Now - Amazon.comWhether you would like to lose five pounds or 55 pounds, why not try adding yoga to your regime. There is a book entitled YOGA conditioning for WEIGHT LOSS, Safe, natural methods to help achieve and maintain your ideal weight, by Suzanne Deason that offers not only yoga instruction, but a common sense guide to finding your healthiest weight. This book is a companion to the best-selling video, but it can be used alone. One quote from the book that I particularly like is: "Then the mind will turn inward and the obstacles that stand in the way of progress will disappear." I believe that combining the power of the mind and the strength of the body can aid in finding and keeping one's ideal weight.

The author, Suzanne Deason, is a yoga instructor as well as a certified Pilates instructor who has been teaching yoga for more than 15 years. In this book she shares not only yoga poses, but valuable information about nutrition and diet. There are more than 30 postures designed especially for weight loss. Each posture is fully explained with photos and detailed step-by-step instructions. If you need to lose weight, use all your resources so that you can feel more secure in your physical body.

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C.

Prescription for Nutritional Healing Buy It Now - Amazon.comIn the past I have recommended one of my favorite books on healing with a more natural approach. The book is entitled Prescription for Nutritional Healing, A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements. It's now in its Fourth Edition available on-line or at your favorite book store. It is filled with amazing information about specific disorders, their treatment, and helpful descriptions in Part One - Understanding the Elements of Health. The Appendix has an informative Glossary as well as these sections: Manufacturer and Distributor Information; Health and Medical Organizations; and Suggested Reading.

This well constructed book is a must-have for everyone's desk for general reference and specific guidelines. You can easily share it with your medical professional.

Grow Younger, Live Longer, 10 Steps to REVERSE Aging by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D.

Grow Younger, Live Longer, 10 Steps to REVERSE Aging Buy It Now - Amazon.comGrow Younger, Live Longer, 10 Steps to REVERSE Aging by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D. is a manual intended to renew your body, your mind, and your spirit. The jacket says it best when it states: "In these pages you will find a simple, practical, step-by-step program for reversing aging. At the heart of the book are ten steps, each of which is supported by three daily actions. Learn how to maintain a youthful mind, cultivate flexibility, reawaken sexual energy, strengthen your immune system, nourish your body, change your perceptions, and enjoy restful awareness and restful sleep. By integrating the book's insights and practices into your daily life, you will notice immediate improvements in your physical and emotional well-being. As you begin to reverse your biological age, you will find yourself increasingly able to reclaim the gifts of your birthright by tapping into your inner reservoir of unlimited energy, creativity, vitality, and love."

Reinventing Medicine by Larry Dossey

Reinventing Medicine Buy It Now - Amazon.comFocus your sights on a healthier body, mind, and spirit and read Reinventing Medicine by Larry Dossey, M.D. Dr. Dossey provides medical and scientific proof that the spiritual dimension works in healing. He states, "For the better part of 150 years, medicine has been guided by the belief that we can do everything mechanically. The body was basically viewed as a machine that had to be fixed. But in adopting a purely mechanical approach to intervention and healing, something important got lost. We disenfranchised ourselves from our consciousness, our mind, and our spirit." Improving our mental attitude, and heeding that voice deep inside will aid tremendously in achieving a higher level of physical health. With our physical body more in balance, we can learn to carefully listen to our spiritual selves, making life infinitely more enjoyable.

Eight Weeks to Optimum Health by Dr. Andrew Weil

Eight Weeks to Optimum Health Buy It Now - Amazon.comI highly recommend Eight Weeks to Optimum Health or one of the seven other books, including Spontaneous Healing, by Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Weil, who received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School, is director of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and he uses his vast knowledge and innate common sense to offer an amazing combination of therapies. He is an internationally recognized expert on medicinal herbs, mind/body interactions, and integrative medicine. I also highly recommend his monthly newsletter, Self Healing, which can be delivered to your home or found at his website www.drweilselfhealing.com (further information can be obtained at 1-888-3DR-WEIL). This monthly newsletter includes articles by Dr. Weil, questions from readers, up-to-the-minute health research information, new offerings (books/tapes), and Dr. Weil’s lecture schedule.

Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight - The Negative Calorie Effect by Neal D. Barnard

Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight - The Negative Calorie Effect Buy It Now - Amazon.comWhether you wish to lose a few extra pounds gained over the holidays, or you (or a relative or friend) need to lose weight for health reasons, this great little book will provide you with helpful information and nutritious recipes. The eating program in this book is quite different from others, and it will lead you to a very different way of thinking about foods.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

You Can Heal Your Life Buy It Now - Amazon.comIn her books, Louise Hay has the wonderful ability to guide you toward the healthiest parts of yourself. Her simple, creative affirmations and charts allow you to recognize the greatest healer in your life - yourself. As Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine & Miracles, states, You Can Heal Your Life is "an excellent book for restructuring one's life and finding self-esteem and self-love."

On Death and Dying by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.

On Death and Dying Buy It Now - Amazon.comOn Death and Dying takes a close look at the quality of life as well as the realization of death. Through sample interviews and conversations, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross examines the five stages of dealing with death: denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Even though this book was written years ago, I believe that its powerful, compassionate energy is alive and well.

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