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September Eleven 2001

Our connection as spiritual beings was never felt any more powerfully than it was on September 11, and the connection continues today. As we send our loving support and our prayers to all those personally touched by the tragedies at the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the crash site in Pennsylvania, we must balance our own energies. The reality is that the world is forever changed, and it is our responsibility as spiritual citizens of the earth to help build a more compassionate, peaceful world.

We are all connected in this web of life, and now there is an energetic shock wave of immense proportion circling our homes and sending energy into every crevice of the planet. Within this energy wave, there is confusion, agony, fear, and anxiety, but there is also an overwhelming abundance of love, compassion, inspiration, and sharing. We must all continue to be aware, to be sensitive, and try to help those mired in anger and hate to find peace. If we are to use these tragic events to propel our world into a more peaceful place, we must see all life from its highest possible perspective.

There are many lessons unfolding, and we can use these lessons to create a renewed sense of unity - global unity. Now is the time to take giant steps in that direction. One of our responsibilities as spiritual beings is to mirror the love and compassion we see and not to reflect the hate and anger. To do that, we must begin to replace the images that are etched in our minds of these horrific events with the image of a world at peace.

It is important that we care for ourselves first. Find quiet times for yourself each day, create an alter for peace, light a candle, pray or meditate, recognize your spiritual family and share with them. By doing these small things for yourself, you will enhance your personal power and have even more to share with your loved ones and the world.

My love to each of you,


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