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Inspirational Essays

A Cat's Tale

It's a beautiful morning, picturesque like the ones we remember from our childhood at grama's house. And, it is grama's house, someone else's grama -- a gentle and serene white house with two tired but willing sheds out back and a barn in the fenced field that brims with tall grasses to the horizon. Grampa is gone now and the cool mist of the early morning reveals only the idle remnants of what grama keeps as warm reminders.

Grampa's barn cat was one of those reminders. But now there are so many -- and age is creeping up on grama. I'm there to help, to heal, to trap, to frighten -- to hope to make a difference for the cats and for grama. The preparations are made: a shiny new trap, a towel for a measure of comfort, a can of food, and some resolve -- some resolve.

Standing back to watch, the sun glints from the trap door, the dew on the grass twinkles, and the cat food glistens with appeal. A quiet beginning.

And they come, more quickly than I thought, cautious but hungry -- wary and wise. This is their place, their home, their morning. Could it be that deception comes to eat with them this morning -- the boldest approach unsure.

In a violent rush, the door comes down -- there is a frenzied whirl of cat and I am paralyzed. A few seconds of time stand still as I am squeezed between two waves of emotion: one, joy and hope that a good journey is begun, the other, panic and trauma... there is but unresolve.

And, for a moment I remain, unable to move. Then, like a pot that boils over, the bursting emotions are set aside as only action will complete this journey and ease the pain before me. As the trap is covered and the comfort of walls appear, the frenzy subsides.

Later, the steamy waters of emotion remain, innocence lost, waiting for renewed resolve. It comes with time, with love, with caring, with understanding. A small drop tossed to the universe -- a ripple none-the-less.

--Brian Chase

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