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Inspirational Essays

Briskey, My Constant Companion

He was a birthday gift. And what a gift!!! A lovable, sweet little Schnauzer. Not only did he love everyone he came in contact with but everyone loved him. During our almost 13 years together he was by my side constantly, upstairs, downstairs, whether I was in the kitchen or the shower he was always close by. In 1986 I was transferred from Birmingham, Alabama to Miami, Florida and away the two of us went. A very chaotic city for a lady by herself - but, I had Briskey. I am not sure what I would have done without him. He was always happy to see me and always met me at the door. I was also happy to see him and his wonderful welcome.

In the summer of 1992 he became ill and was in and out of the vet's office many times. Then in August he became very ill. At the same time there was a hurricane hanging off of the east coast. I was paying little attention to Andrew because Briskey was so sick. Saturday afternoon I took him to the vet. Sunday morning all of my family were calling to tell me to leave Miami and go to Naples, FL to be with my Brother to sit out Hurricane Andrew. There was no food left in the grocery stores by the time I got there. Not knowing if I would ever see him again I had to leave Miami.

The hurricane was very bad, as you know. I was more concerned about Briskey than whether my home was still standing. Phones were not working but somehow the vet got through to me and said he needed to "put him to sleep". I cried No, No. I was not going to let that happen without seeing him again. My Brother and I drove to Miami through the devastation to the vet's office. Put him on a blanket in the back and drove back to Naples and to another vet, who confirmed he was too ill to recover. Regardless, I took him to the house and finally the next day took him back to the vet, crying all the way. I still grieve for this little dog six years later. His absence has left a big vacant place in my heart and life.

--Mary Lou Malcolm

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