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Glossary of Terms Intuitive Consultant
Someone who uses his or her ability to gain direct and immediate insight to provide useful, pragmatic suggestions for healthy decision-making based on increased awareness of a situation. The consultant may also assist clients in recognizing and understanding their own intuitive abilities, allowing for insights that combine their intuitive and intellectual capacities, leading to a more balanced life.

The study of phenomena considered to be outside the normal range of scientific acceptance and understanding ("Para" is Greek for "beyond"). Exploration of the mind-body connection and various states of human consciousness are part of this field.

Intuitive knowledge of a current event. A common phenomenon in which you "see" in your mind's eye or simply know what is happening in the present moment in another location.

Mind-to-mind communication. The ability to pick up the thoughts and feelings of another. Many times telepathic experiences are tied to emotions and recognized at times of danger.

Intuitive knowledge of a future event. The majority of spontaneous precognitive events usually focus on happenings within the coming 48 hours and frequently involve those with whom we have emotional ties. One popular theory suggests precognition is simply a glimpse of a possible future based on present conditions.

Personal and Universal Energy
The flow of subtle currents that surround everything. The intuitive mind can sense and evaluate this flow and achieve a balance of energy that provides peace of mind.

A process in which the client is guided into a relaxed state and, from that calm place, enabled to address issues. Used to facilitate personal growth, release old emotional issues, and tackle addictions.

Creative Visualization
Harnessing the power of the mind to intensify and expand positive thoughts, promote good health, and feel more in control. Using your imagination to create a healthy mental picture, you can stimulate or relax your mind, body, and spirit.

Intuitive Color Awareness
A process through which you explore the effect of color in your environment with an eye toward support, balance, and energy.

Past-Life Regression
A guided experience of past lifetimes under hypnosis or deep relaxation. Used for spiritual exploration, but also to address phobias or persistent physical pain. A belief in reincarnation is not necessary - other theories include the idea that our genetic memory holds experiences from other lives.

Environmental Evaluation
The process of sensing and evaluating a specific area (residence, business, land) and then offering suggestions for how it can be made more comfortable. Used on houses thought to be haunted as well as areas that are simply in need of restructure or adaptation.

Animal communication
Using telepathy, the communicator taps into an animal's thoughts, concerns, and desires. Animals frequently convey information through posture, vocalization, and other actions, but sending and receiving clear mental pictures promotes a deeper mutual understanding.

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