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How to Keep a Dream Journal

A dream journal can be extremely helpful to your spiritual growth. Dreams offer a deep connection to your Inner Self, and can guide you through difficult situations as well as usher in new, healthy times of increased awareness. Remember that dreams come in many forms. Some dreams are symbolic in nature, and some may convey literal past life memories; don't judge your dreams, just accept their guidance. If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, try drinking a large glass of water at bedtime. This will stimulate you to wake up during the night - possibly in the midst of a dream. Even if you only remember bits and pieces of your dreams, the suggestions below will help you learn from them.

  1. Place a pad or notebook and pen or pencil by your bed. Choose a pen that will write upside down (such as a felt-tip) so you can write without sitting up.

  2. Upon awakening from sleep, lie quietly, and move as little as possible. Each and every movement you make may erase some part of your dream.

  3. Bring your dream into your conscious mind, remembering it as carefully as you can. Go over it several times in your mind. As you replay the dream in your mind's eye, more details will emerge.

  4. Give your dream a title (A wonderful visit to... or Fear permeated my visit to...). This will help to identify the theme, and enable you to organize your dream information.

  5. Write down all the details of your dream including what you were wearing, where you were, who else was present. Remember to include any feelings from the dream whether or not they accompanied the actual dream experiences. As you write, you may recall even more details.

  6. When you have finished writing, read your dream notes to yourself, and if possible, interpret the dream. If it is vague, don't be concerned, just leave the entry for another time. It is not necessary to immediately determine the meaning. You will find it quite helpful to refer back to your dream journal and connect the themes at a later date. A monthly evaluation is a good idea.

  7. Use your intuition freely when working with your dreams.

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