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Intuitive Color Awareness Explanation

Being aware of the effect of color in your environment will provide you with a unique tool for creating a more balanced life, and will give you the opportunity to work through stressful times more easily. Much research has been done to substantiate that everyone is affected by the colors in their environment. To explore the effect of various colors, simply focus on a specific color for a few moments and note your emotional reaction. To further your understanding, look around you and see which colors help you feel comfortable, which colors stimulate you, and which colors touch you deeply. Those comfortable colors that support and balance you will offer you more energy than you might imagine.

The list of primary colors that you will recognize in your energy varies somewhat in the literature, but in my many years of experience, I have found the following colors most prevalent: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink (white). Each of these colors corresponds to a specific physical area of your body, focuses on specific emotional and spiritual aspects of your being, and has quite specific healing techniques and diet needs associated with it. Below is a brief description of each color, and with each color, is my recommended color breathing exercise. Simply, the exercise is to inhale while visualizing one of the primary energy colors and exhale while visualizing its complementary color. Two or three deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, is all that is required. This color exchange provides a necessary energy balance. Remember that the intuitive color process is considerably more in depth than what is written here, but this information will begin to increase your awareness. At the end of the list of colors, you will find Seven Hints for Healthier Energy - a condensed, commonsense guide that outlines specific energy issues and the appropriate colors to use when working on those issues.

Located at the base of the spine, it affects the entire spine, the reproductive system, the legs, and the feet. When this area is highlighted, you will be focusing on passion, raw creativity, boundaries, financial considerations, and have the need to release anxiety and anger. Your spiritual focus must involve courage and patience. When concentrating on the "red" issues mentioned here, your sense of smell is quite active so aromatherapy is very effective. Adding extra fruits and vegetables to your diet will help maintain physical health, and inhaling red and exhaling blue will offer calmness.

Located two inches below the navel, it affects the kidneys, the spleen, the urinary tract, and bloodsugar levels. When this area is highlighted, you will be focusing on intimacy, family matters, cooperation, and pleasure, and have the need to release addictions, fears, and worries. Your spiritual focus must involve trust and looking at issues regarding new beginnings or strong endings - this is a center of change. Herbs and group involvement are good healing techniques, and your sense of taste is strong (make mealtime special). Drink plenty of water, juice, and teas, and be mindful of consuming too much sugar. Inhaling orange and exhaling green/blue will offer peace of mind.

Located in the solar plexus, it affects the digestive system, the liver, the stomach, the pancreas, and the gall bladder. When this area is highlighted, you will be focusing on personal power, thought control, perfectionism, and humor, and have the need to release frustration, depression, and moodiness. Your spiritual focus must involve objectivity, solitude, and beliefs (changing core beliefs). Psychological counseling is necessary if the mind becomes overactive and out of balance. Your sense of sight is quite active - seek out visually stimulating artwork and vistas. Adding extra grains to your diet will help keep the digestive system working properly. Avoid too much caffeine as it will tend to aggravate all physical and mental systems. Inhaling yellow and exhaling purple will help keep life sane and serene.

Located in the center of the chest, it affects the heart, the blood pressure, the lungs, and the immune system. When this area is highlighted, you will be focusing on many emotions, with love at the heart of every issue. Your spiritual focus will involve balance, and you may be struggling to keep all areas of your life in better balance each day. There will be the need to release guilt and jealousy. Massage and other body work will help heal physical/emotional imbalances. Your sense of touch is quite strong, and your body needs extra green vegetables. Inhaling green and exhaling pink will help keep you grounded and centered.

Located in the throat, it affects the neck, the ears, the thyroid, and the respiratory system. When this area is highlighted you will be focusing on communication issues, judgment, refined creativity, and relaxation, and have a need to release grief and sadness. Your spiritual focus will center around healing, releasing, forgiveness, and generosity. Healing techniques that are most appropriate are hydrotherapy (simply spend time in or around water) and/or homeopathy. Your sense of hearing is very strong so you can use music/sound for relaxation and stimulation. Adding extra raw fruits to your diet will keep the body healthier, as will inhaling blue and exhaling orange.

Located in the center of the brow, it affects the eyes, the nose, and the intuitive self. When this area is highlighted, you will be focusing on self-respect, tolerance, perseverance, and communicating with your higher self. Your intuition is active, and dreams and visions that occur will provide important input. Your spiritual focus involves faith, turning knowledge into wisdom, and finding your life purpose. To keep this center healthy, it is imperative that you find quiet times (meditation) and seek spiritual guidance when necessary. Your body needs less food and plenty of fresh air. Inhaling purple and exhaling yellow will enhance your intuitive mind.

Located at the top of the head, it affects the head and the central nervous system as well as the energy surrounding the body. When this area is highlighted, you will be focusing on compassion, wholeness, peacefulness, enhancing your ability to accept change, and seeing yourself as others see you. Your spiritual focus will involve inspiration, serenity, detachment, and unconditional love, and you can heal yourself through meditation and creative visualization. Your physical body will appreciate a few minutes of sunlight each day. You will need less food overall, but extra juices will enhance your energy. Inhaling pink or white and exhaling green will keep your energy at its highest level and sooth the soul.

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