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Intuitive Color Awareness Exercise

Seven Hints for Healthier Energy

1.  Develop a deep desire to live in the present, keeping your focus in the moment. Living in the present necessitates being patient with yourself and those around you. Carefully examine your personal environment and enhance it with new aromas.

Healing technique:  Aromatherapy.
Breathing exercise:  Inhale red; exhale blue.

2.  Practice trusting yourself and your decisions. As you make decisions, notice your body's reaction to them. Examine your addictions (most of us have at least one), and take positive steps to address the issues involved.
Healing technique:  Herbs.
Breathing exercise:  Inhale orange; exhale green.

3.  Recognize your personal power and its depth. Do not take your energy flow for granted. You are a powerful being - accept that responsibility. Take care of the mind and the physical body and your energy level will rise. This process will allow for spiritual awareness and growth.
Healing technique:  Professional counseling.
Breathing exercise:  Inhale yellow; exhale purple.

4.  Strive for balance at every opportunity, even when your emotions are swirling around you. If you can recognize emotional imbalance, you can quickly remove the emotions from a situation and return them later.
Healing technique:  Massage/bodywork.
Breathing exercise:  Inhale green; exhale pink.

5.  Listen to your conversations with yourself and others. Self-communication is imperative for healthy growth, and as you communicate more clearly, you can release judgment and practice forgiveness - an empowering mechanism.
Healing techniques:  Hydrotherapy/homeopathy.
Breathing exercise:  Inhale blue; exhale orange.

6.  Open yourself to your inner wisdom and intuitive awareness. Self-respect is an important tool for continued intuitive growth and leads to higher levels of awareness and contentment.
Healing techniques:  Quiet time/meditation.
Breathing exercise:  Inhale purple; exhale yellow.

7.  Learn to detach, with compassion, from your own problems and those of others. Keep a healthy distance between your healthy feelings and those that are counter productive.
Healing technique:  Creative visualization.
Breathing exercise:  Inhale pink; exhale green.

Default breathing exercise:  Inhale white; exhale grey.

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