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View Animals in Healing Circle Cooper
Please send healing to Cooper. He's a 9 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and on March 15, 2016 he will have a tumor removed. Please pray for him. Thank you.

Animal Healing for JesseJesse
Jesse was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with anal cancer and through spiritual healing and natural alternative remedies, we have kept Jesse happy, strong and in good health with very little growth to his tumors. However, about a month and a half ago, he took a turn and developed a bladder infection (ecoli), probably due to his weakened immune system, but has not really bounced back. He is not eating much and therefore getting weaker. He has always enjoyed walks in the bush, doing agility and running with me. During the last month, he barely has the energy to go for a short walk and does not look happy. Please keep him in your thoughts and send him prayer and energy to heal.

Please send healing to Patch. He's 5 years old, and on August 6th 2014 was diagnosed with feline aids. He gets infections nearly every month, and I bring him to vet after which he's ok for another month. Please pray and send some healing to Patch. Thank you and bless you.

My shorthair female black and white tuxedo cat named Ivy is pulling her fur out on the rear part of her back just above the tail and in that area. I have taken her to vets, had shots given that seemed to help for a while and now they don't seem to do much good for very long. I found her in a parking lot, and I think she was neglected/abandoned. It was very cold out at the time, so I took her home. She was estimated by vets at the time to be about 2 years of age, so I guess she is about 5 now. Someone had had her spade. She has white whiskers that stand out against the black fur on her face. Thanks for all you do with the animals.

Animal Healing for BeckyBecky
Becky, my grey tiger cat, has made her transition to spirit. May she now be pain free, cancer free, and rest in peace in heaven. Our paths will be reunited again one day. Thank you for your healing prayers during her time of transition.

Violet is a 16 year old dog who resembles a large fox. She has vestibular disease which makes her dizzy and she cannot walk. She is totally deaf, and she is being treated with antibiotics and was on the 2nd round of those without a great deal of improvement. Last night, I didnít see her in the driveway and ran over her when I came home from work. Ran over her hips and back legs, so now I donít know if she will ever walk again. She is here with me in the house (has always been an outside dog, lots of fur), seems thirsty but can barely drink. I believe she wants to leave this earth plane, can you bring her energy to help?

Even though I don't know you, you and your website have helped me in the past when my animals have passed on. My 12 year old cat Noah passed 1 week ago today. I only knew of his illness for 2 days. I had to make the decision because fluid was filling up in his lungs and he had trouble breathing. He stopped eating, he wasn't responding to meds and his breathing was getting worse. Please send Noah healing energy for an easy transition to the spirit world.

Would you please add my 13 year old Siamese cat, Thai, to your animal healing list. Thai was diagnosed with pancreatitis and diabetes a few months ago and has twice been on antibiotics for the pancreatitis (which cleared up once but recurred) and on 2 x per day of insulin for the diabetes. Although he seemed to stabilize and do OK on the insulin as of the last few days he has stopped eating and is very weak. He will only drink a little water and just sit off by himself mostly. He has another vet appointment today and he may have something more wrong (cancer?) than pancreatitis and diabetes as he got to a point where he could not seem to put on, or even keep on, any weight so is very bony-looking. Please send healing thoughts to Thai, either for a recovery from whatever is wrong now or for a peaceful, pain-free passage to the next life.

My cat Shadow has lost over 6 pounds in a six-month period. He gets sick often. The vet felt a mass and liver enlargement. She feels he may have a cancerous tumor. He is part Siamease and part Bobcat so he is pretty large and powerful. Since becoming ill he has become very needey, frail and just not himself. He is 13 years old and I have had him since he was 1 month old. Please sending healing.

He is a 14 y/o yellow lab/pitbull mix. My vet recently diagnosed him with a tumor in the upper part of his mouth. We are waiting on the results of his biopsy. He is very strong, but please send him positive energy!

Animal Healing for MagnumMagnum
Please send loving and healing energy to Magnum, a friend's beloved dog who is very ill and not recovering well from a possible stroke. The prognosis is not good at this point and we are hoping against all odds that his condition will improve. Thank you for your wonderful and generous support for all the animals suffering. Bless you and all the pets/family members in this healing circle and beyond.

Cleopatra has been ours since we rescued her from a neighbor's barn 17 years ago. The vet didn't expect her to live to be 1, and now at the grand age of 17 she has passed on. Please send her light and love to find her way through her transition.

Please help my 6 year old Cocker Spaniel. He is in the ICU with anemia and low platelets. I need positive healing energy for him.

Animal Healing for CookieCookie
I am desperately trying to find alternative healing for my cat Cookie. We found a lump in her mammary glands and she has just gone in for surgery. The lump or tumor is going to be examined further... we are hoping it's benign... or if it's not... that after it's removal... it poses no threat anymore and that her surgical wounds heal quickly and her body is rid of any cancer cells or tumor or disese. We, her family, love her so very much... our day begins with her and countless bedtime kisses at night. Please pray for her and add her into your healing circle. We need a miracle. Thank you.

Rye - Timothy - Sabrina -Madison
Thank you for sending healing energy to my animals!

Ellie, my Schnauzer, got hit by a car about three weeks ago. She broke her pelvis and lost all feeling in her back right leg. She has started to walk around, but the leg without feeling just hangs there. She has dragged her little foot raw. She chews at it and the poor little thing just wont get better. I wrapped it so that it could heal, and I have been putting healing ointments on it along with hydrogen peroxide. But, today when I tried to change the bandage she snapped at me and ran away to hide. I don't know if this means she is getting feeling back. I have talked to a vet, but I really can't afford to go in and have it amputated. I've been praying and praying, but she could sure use all the prayers she can get. Your prayers are welcome and appreciated.

Marley is a border collie shephard mix. He is black and white and about 70 pounds. Marley has a huge lump that is getting bigger and bigger. The vet wants to do surgery but due to the economy we have no money. Please pray for him...

JR is a lovely 4 year old cat who had a rough start in life but is now in a home full of love. He is undergoing emergency surgery as he inhaled something into his lungs and now the pus has to be drained. He has an underlying respiratory problem which adds to the burden. I want him painfree and full of love to heal.

I would like to add my Mum's dog to your healing circle. She is 8 years old and has developed an aggressive tumor in her neck. The vets do not want to operate. She is going to a holistic vet for a second opinion. My mum cannot live with out this dog - she is very special!

I am requesting prayers/love/healing energies to Kohl... So Sweet & Loving. He is a 10 mos old Maine coon kitty who is a rescue from the animal shelter. He was about to be adopted when a cyst was found on his shoulder area. The vet is 99% sure it is Cancer (fibrocarcinomas) at his rabies injection site. He is going in for a biopsy tomorrow.

My son's 9 year old American Eskimo, Clementine, has a large inoperable tumor on her lung which was just recently discovered. She is limping but still eats and drinks. The vet says it's just a matter of weeks. It's very hard to see this once lively dog just laying down and slowly walking around to find a comfortable spot. The vet doesn't think she's in any pain.

Riley is a 2 year old yellow lab who is full of love and energy. He underwent surgery for a torn ligament in his left knee 9 and 1/2 weeks ago. He was recovering well till a week ago and he strained his knee again. We donít know how he reinjured it but he has to continue to be on leash walks and has to be caged most of the time. He is depressed and barks a lot even though we try to walk him as much as possible. I want him to know things will be better and he will recover completely but I am worn out and he doesnít seem to understand that he needs to rest the leg to heal. He is also very strong and pulls me hard when he walks so much so that I am having shoulder, arm and back strain now. I want to help him so he can run free and play again. I would love some insight and prayer for his recovery.

Animal Healing for CoffeeCoffee
I would very much appreciate distant healing for a friend's dog named Coffee, even for pain relief. He is a mixed collie breed, and will be 2 years old in December. He was attacked by a wild dog at his home in Australia. The vet had suggested putting him to sleep but his owner felt there was a glimmer of hope so is now nursing him at home. He has a pierced stomach, a collapsed long and three broken ribs. Thank you so much.

My little grey Cockapoo is 11 yrs old. She is my heart since my husband died last August. She is ill and is going for an ultrasound tomorrow. Her stomach is very distended and she is lethargic. I think she may have cushings disease. Please send her healing.

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