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Animal Healing Circle

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Whether you need healing energy and support for your own animal companion or you want to share your energy with the animals in the circle, remember that sending healing energy is a very simple process:
  1. Say the animal's name several times.
  2. Visualize the animal in your mind's eye.
  3. Create a circle of light around the animal's body.
  4. Ask the animal to accept this healing light and use it to its highest good.
Remember not to put limitations on your healing energy. Give the animal your permission to use this loving energy to make its transition if getting well is not an option. By trying to release your attachment to the outcome, you share even stronger, more usable energy.

Don't ever underestimate your power to share healing energy with your animal through thoughts, feelings, and touch. Trust yourself and ask your animal what you can do to help. Their eyes will tell you when they need to be left alone and when they want you to touch them or hold them. They will also tell you when they need help to leave their physical body. If euthanasia is the healthiest choice, please be with your friend, and remain with the body for at least a few minutes after death. This allows the transition back to spirit to happen more quickly. Feel your grief, but soften it with the memories of the love and devotion you shared.

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