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About Brian Chase Brian Chase Picture As co-founder of Spirits Evolving, Ltd., Realtor® Brian Chase brings a wealth of business experience to what some consider an ephemeral field.

"Spirits Evolving is built around the unifying force that draws together individuals, groups, and businesses," Chase explains. "That unifying force is energy."

Together, Chase and partner Lee Channing, an Intuitive Consultant, have developed practices that help to promote greater understanding of how to harness energy to accomplish personal and business goals through increased self-awareness and finding what Channing calls "that place of balance."

Chase's business background (he holds an M.B.A. from the University of Virginia and boasts a decade of experience with companies such as Oneac Corp., Ogilvy & Mather, and PC Solutions) has helped him to target the needs of organizations and groups. And, in his current work as a Realtor® in Central Virginia, he is dedicated to ensuring his clients' satisfaction during what is often one of the most stressful times in life.

"We have seen an important transition in the business climate since the 1980s," Chase says. "It's not all about making a profit. People today want to feel good about what they do. They want to know they are headed in the right direction, both as a company and as individuals."

Maintaining Spirits Evolving's Website is one of Chase's major roles in the company. Located at www.SpiritsEvolving.com, this site reaches spiritual seekers worldwide, offering opportunities for creative visualization, color awareness, and meditation - all of which can open the door to their own energy source.

With a popular Website, a radio show, a subscription-based newsletter, consultations, and seminars, Spirits Evolving gives wings to these desires. Says Chase: "We like to think that, in the very best sense, we make the world a smaller place."

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