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Listen to the Podcast of Lee Channing, Featured Talk Show Guest on WPVC Radio 94.7 FM Live May 2016

Speaking Spiritually
A Spiritual Growth
& Intuition

Speaking Spiritually includes Lee's interpretation of the universal energy flow for the month and a wealth of exciting information to stimulate and guide you on your journey.

In the Monthly Forecast, Lee senses energy as currents surrounding us all and believes that becoming more aware of the natural flow allows us to be more creative in our response to life and more determined to fill our lives with contentment. Subscriptions to Speaking Spiritually are free. Click here to subscribe.

Expand Your Intuition
Join Us Online for eClasses

Spirits Evolving's eClasses offer you an excellent way to develop your intuition and pursue your spiritual growth from the comfort of your own home. Classes are conducted online via the website and email and are led by professional intuitive, Lee Channing.

Intuitive Color Awareness Guide [Order Now]

First Edition Intuitive Color Awareness Guide. For an autographed copy, order directly from Spirits Evolving by selecting the Order Now link above.

Also available from Amazon at the link below.

Buy It Now - Amazon.com

Personal Growth & Awareness Resources

We are pleased to provide you with a variety of resources to aid you in your personal growth.

These resources include -- A special Animal Healing Circle where your animal companions receive extra love and support -- Energy Awareness Techniques for learning more about your own energy -- Intuitive Color Awareness for creating a more balanced life -- How to Keep a Dream Journal for understanding the importance of dreams -- Visualizations, Relaxations, and Meditations to sooth the soul. Visit the Animal Healing Circle...

Lee Answers Your Questions in the Intuitive Advice Column

Visit the Intuitive Advice Column and read Lee's answers to your questions. Lee has inspired thousands through her energy interpretation and intuitive replies in this column. The column touches on a variety of topics, and offers insight into Lee’s work as an Intuitive Consultant.

Lee is also available to work with you in-depth. As part of an Initial Intuitive Consultation, you receive Lee's personal intuitive energy interpretation, Color Awareness assessment, discussion of your specific questions, creative suggestions for growth, and a three-month subscription to Speaking Spiritually. Find out more...

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Enhance Your Life Through Personal and Universal
Energy Awareness

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